Bionicure's unique selling proposition

By enabling peak tissue concentrations on demand, Bionicure's formulation targets a market beyond constant release depot formulations. Bionicure’s technology creates unique opportunities and great value in delivering your biological and synthetic drug, especially for local treatment of hard-to-reach tissue sites and for patient empowerment in settings without medical assistance.

Partnering proposal

Bionicure’s technology is available for licensing by pharmaceutical and medical device companies seeking an advanced drug delivery system for their NCE, generic drug, or bio-therapeutic compound. Bionicure offers the possibility of exclusive licenses on a product-by-product basis and different structures of license and development agreements according to your needs. Interested in exploring innovative concepts in drug delivery systems and the commercialization thereof? Contact us!

Feasibility studies with your compound

  • hydrogel adaptation to your molecule‘s needs
  • polymer-active compatibility / recovery studies
  • analytical methods set-up
  • release control studies
  • tissue tolerability studies
  • basic biocompatibility / tox studies
  • product concept and prototype development