About Bionicure

Bionicure is an early-stage Freiburg University biotech spin-off. We develop the first injectable stimulus-responsive drug depot that dramatically simplifies vaccination, especially in developing countries, by requiring only one medical contact. Our drug depot formulation allows long-term storage and on-demand release of an active compound controlled by an ingestible trigger. It provides a solution to rapidly achieve high tissue drug concentrations in settings without medical assistance and infrastructure. By enabling peak tissue concentrations on-demand, Bionicure's formulation targets a market beyond constant release depot formulations.

Our Offer

Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, teamwork and enthusiasm of individuals like you. To this end, we strive to create an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork. As part of our young team of seven dedicated scientists we offer you the unique opportunity to make a decisive contribution to the company’s success while gaining broad insights into the biotech business and the entire drug development process. The posts are offered for an initial term of one and a half year, with the possibility of prolongation, and an option for a permanent position and will be compensated according to TVL.

Associate / Senior Scientist - Preclinical Development - Biologics

Bionicure is seeking an enthusiastic and highly motivated Senior Scientist to complement the team at the intersect of Material Science and Synthetic Biology. The successful candidate is an independent and pragmatic laboratory worker, skilled in critical/creative thinking, complex problem solving, judgement and decision-making.

Primary responsibilities

The successful candidate will apply synthetic biology approaches to design smart biomaterials for biomedical and process engineering applications. This interdisciplinary project offers the opportunity to get familiar with a wide array of technologies like molecular biology, protein expression, purification and characterization, chemical protein modification as well as polymer chemistry and analytics.

Qualifications and Requirements

The successful candidate holds a diploma/PhD from a European or US university and has a strong background in either molecular biology, protein chemistry or polymer chemistry and shows a great interest in getting familiar with the other disciplines involved in this application-oriented project.